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  • Robert-Bosch-Str. 30
  • 64625 Bensheim
  • Deutschland

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Already since 1921, William Reed, the founder of AAF International, has recognized the importance of clean air to human health, process performance and the global environment. Based on its strong heritage, R&D investments and broad industry perspective, AAF has gained significant expertise in air filtration solutions that make a real difference in meeting the increasingly challenging demands.

The extensive portfolio covers a full range of highly efficient particulate and gasphase filters that offer the customer a total clean air solution, tailored to the specific application needs. All products are designed and tested to meet the leading air filtration standards.

AAF employs 3.000 people worldwide and operations are carried out in all continents around the globe through branch offices and distributors. The head office for Europe and the Middle-East is located in Emmen, the Netherlands. The global headquarters are based in Louisville (KY), USA. Since 2006, AAF is a member of Daikin Industries Ltd, a diversified international manufacturing company and the global leader in air conditioning systems. AAF is determined to take the meaning of clean air to the next level by developing air filtration solutions that offer the best Indoor Air Quality at the lowest energy consumption.

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