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  • 5F, No. 43, Lane 3, Sec. 1, Zhongzheng E. Road., Danshui District
  • 25147 New Taipei City
  • Taiwan

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1. BRIGHTSTARTW was established in 2002, dedicated in gas discharge lamps(Xenon HID), especially automotive ones, for more than 14 years already.

2. We began to extend the trendy light source, LED, to both hand lamps and automotive headlight bulbs from 2005, developing professional and heavy-duty lamps for industries like automotive, marine(scuba diving, fishing, etc.), fire & rescue, etc.

3. Head office located in New Taipei City, Taiwan looking after sales, service, administration and OWN factory located in Taicang City, Jiangsu Province, nearby Shanghai, China, managed by Taiwan supervisors.

HOW ARE WE DIFFERENT(among hundreds of PRC suppliers)?

1. More than 14 years expertise in developing, manufacturing HID & LED lights; one of the few initial manufacturers

2. China factory but self-owned and self-managed, engineered in TAIWAN(Taiwan quality), so to speak

3. BRIGHTSTARTW is the only Asian manufacturer capable of manufacturing European E-marked(E13 by TÜV) D1/D2/D3/D4 HID bulbs and compliant with American DOT.

4. Complete facilities in the factory to produce & complete test procedure to ensure quality before delivering to clients

5. With worldwide product liability insurance(ZURICH) for 10 successive years already without any claims.


1. Best value for the money(Best cost & performance ratio) -> genuine manufacturer

2. Quality is still top priority(Taiwan quality), though price becomes lower and lower due to vicious competition among local PRC suppliers.

3. Reliable supplier, have been supplying on the market more than 14 years, responsible for products sold, loyal & supportive to clients

4. Keep developing new products to meet market demands(for now and near future)

We believe that those features above are very concerned about when you are looking for business partners.


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  1. Manufacture & develop light sources like Xenon HID(gas discharge lamps) and LED(light-emitting diode), and the light sources' applications.

  2. Pursue quality, reliable, certified and safe products.

  3. Maintain best money for the value.

  4. Work with global business clients.

  5. Very experienced in re-branding.



CREE LED HEADLAMP KITS/ H4HL H13HL 9007HL 9004HL H7 H8/H9/H11 9005 9006

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Brightstar Technology Co., Ltd. 5F, No. 43, Lane 3, Sec. 1, Zhongzheng E. Road., Danshui District 25147 New Taipei City Taiwan +886 2/26281011

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