Cookline GmbH


  • Ludwigshafener Strasse 6
  • 68766 Hockenheim
  • Deutschland

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Hersteller und Vermarkter von modernem Küchenzubehör vorwiegend in Lebensmittel-Silikon. Eigenes Design und Entwicklung sowie Herstellung mit eigenen Werkzeugen.

Großhandel und Export weltweit.


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Cookline GmbH located in 68766 Hockenheim, Germany is a young enterprise and very successful in production and marketing of innovative kitchen tools and accessories primarily made of food proof Silicone.

Besides the wide range portfolio Cookline’s strength is a great color philosophy which brings a fresh variety in today’s kitchen with a selection of contemporary colors.

In German TV –shopping Cookline is very successful with its brand „ Kochblume“  on QVC especially with innovative and real live presentations.

Strong partnerships with powerful partners in Switzerland, France, Scandinavia, Spain, Portugal USA, Canada and Japan are part of the Cookline’s worldwide success.

Since 2011Cookline markets also a number of propriety items (also patented) especially with the introduction of the “Kochblume”, a unique kitchen tool. The “Kochblume” prevents the nasty spilling while cooking of milk, pasta, rice etc. and is one of the rare and few real innovations of the previous years in the kitchen.

“Kochblume” is marketed exclusive worldwide and holds patents in the EU and USA.

Besides the practical approach a focus on colors and design of Cookline’s items are part of the product philosophy.

The color palette offers a strong proposal for all kind of tastes. The optimal combination of stainless steel and food safe Silicone assures not only practical handling but also a long shelf life.

The brand and product family  “Edition Kochblume” is a synonym for an innovative series of kitchen tools and gadgets and will be enhanced through new packaging in a modern Magenta-Style presented on Ambiente 2015.

The “Edition Kochblume” is under permanent development and offers a number of new items “Fresh keeping and containment” of foods on Ambiente 2015.

The new “Kochblume Edition 22”  is especially designed for small hobs and microwaves.



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