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BS Verpackung: Impossible is not possible!

The Company BS Verpackung, Gustav Müller & Co.KG offers a large product range of tray sealers. More than 50 years experience in the packaging industryhave engendered a sophisticated offer of modern devices, machines and trays for sealing consumables.

Get an overview of our BS sealing devices and their versatile deployment: 
An efficient packaging solution for fast food outlets, catering, out-of-store sales and for the counter. 
Sealing makes it leakproof and hygienic, temperature-resistant and, above all, delicious! Everything from one source: from tray to foil. Always the right solution for you.

We supply you with the widest variety of sealed trays.

In additional our automatic tray sealing machines allow reliable and safe

packaging results and a high productivity at the same time.

Aided by state of the art technology, a vacuum sealing device enables evacuation in trays under protective gas.
The ideal solution for appealing packaging solutions with the added advantage of increased shelf life.

The diversity of your demands is matched by our wide pallet of products of diverse tray sizes and materials, sealing foils and foil cuts. We are glad to assist you in your selection of the optimum packaging solution.


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