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Über uns

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We plan, design, produce, market, and install technical lighting projects. For more than 45 years, Lamp has maintained its essential commitment: to bring to life functional and customized solutions for our customers' lighting challenges, adapted to any architectural project around the world.


Lighting that works

Lighting is the language that makes architectural spaces function with beauty and order. We are committed to honesty, durability, responsibility, and adaptability. Fusing design and engineering makes a product usable, providing order and comfort to interior and exterior architectural projects with exacting demands, such as retail, offices, hospitality, and residential developments. It is the beauty of a world that works.


Spaces that work

We believe that, although light is born in each fixture, it lives in the space it illuminates and in the person working or living there. Whether creating a single product or a complex project with hundreds of points of light, we always build with the space in mind. That is our mission. It is our conviction expressed in each project and each meeting, with a team of experts working hard from planning through installation. A comprehensive approach with a single objective: let the results speak for themselves in a lasting way and in any place.


Coordinated efforts that work

We believe that to bring a space to life requires the efforts of many companies and professionals. Our efforts are aimed at providing realistic and efficient solutions, customized to the project's specific challenges. We work together with architects, lighting designers, engineers, and interior designers to make your project a reality, anticipating your needs to bring lasting light.


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Comprehensive Service

From the catalog to your space

From the first sketch through final installation. We leverage the knowledge of our team and the versatility of our products and production systems from start to end of every project. We believe that a project is not complete until it is finally put to use. We plan, test, manufacture, and distribute all around the world, so that every architectural project shines with the light it needs. We offer a catalog of modular products, which we can customize to provide the ideal solution for every challenge.


Active Engagement

Listening, understanding, responding

Complex projects require flexible, realistic, and on-time solutions. But they also require close working relations and common sense. An interior and exterior architectural project is the result of the confluence of countless ideas and the hard work of many. We contribute to this collaborative rhythm with flexibility and adaptability. We work hand-in-hand in any part of the world to achieve the results our customers imagine, guaranteeing solutions that shine brightly. We connect our talent with customers, suppliers, partners, and industry professionals to make joint projects come to life.


Pragmatic and Reliable Solutions

We design the lighting your project needs

Nothing more, and absolutely nothing less. We strive to light up the projects that reach our desk, with ingenuity and efficiency. We combine design and engineering to make the possible a reality. We are heirs of the design traditions of Barcelona and the industrial traditions of Terrassa, where we were founded in 1972 and we continue to operate. This is the industrial spirit that lives in our family history, a professional and vital know-how that has driven the growth of our brand around the world.


Lighting means to illuminate

A passion that transcends our company

A passion for innovation is in our DNA, creating lighting solutions that work. More than just products, we provide light. This is a feeling shared by all of the professionals at Lamp, and one which we extend outside our organization in collaboration with design schools, institutes, and associations.  To illuminate is to teach, give lectures, and share knowledge. Moreover, every two years since 2008 we have organized the Lamp Awards, in which an independent international jury recognizes outstanding uses of lighting. This is perhaps the best reflection of our passion for lighting.

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