Auria Bilderrahmen

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Rustic light gold coloured frame made of glass and iron. The frame measures H26xW25xD1 cm. with a picture size of B25xH26 cm. Decorate a personal wall with beautiful pictures and posters or with a combination of photo frames in different styles, colours and materials. So go wild, be creative and create a unique and personal photo wall with beautiful frames and all of your favourite photos.


Lene Bjerre Design A/S

Skalhuse 10
9240 Nibe


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  • Series: Auria
  • Art: Bilderrahmen
  • Farbe: hell gold
  • Material: Glas/Eisen
  • Weite: 25 cm
  • Höhe: 26 cm
  • Gewicht: 0,914 kg