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NBE Corporation (New Bohemian Electric Corporation) has been established in 1999. Production of electric string instruments started in a small workshop two years later. NS Design,USA double-basses and bass guitars for Spector were produced at first. New models were put in production and production itself extended. Current manufacturing spaces were not sufficient to cover new requirements and so in 2006 NBE company moved to a new production facility in Horovice town. The new property was gradually reconstructed to accommodates future production of wide sortiment of high quality music instruments- electric guitars, bass guitars, double-basses, cellos, violins, violas and ukuleles. Among the most famous OEM products belong NS DESIGN or SPECTOR.

High quality of processing and adjustment is reached by using of traditional manufacturing procedures combined with modern technologies. Number of our employees have longtime experiences (some of them for 30 years) with music instruments manufacture.   Besides OEM production, NBE Corp. owns famous brands of ESH, CLOVER, STROMBERG and JOLANA. NBE distributes most of its products in Eastern Europe.


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Manufacture of electric string instruments i.e. electric upright bass, electric violoncello, electric violin, electric viola, electric bass guitars, electric guitars, electric ukuleles, necks and bodies for guitars and bass guitars. Lacquering in polyester on electric string instruments, assembly of electric string instruments. Distribution in Eastern Europe.

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