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Omori, leading supplier to the food and pharmaceutical industries for over 70 years, produce a range of leading, state-of-the-art stretch wrappers and flow wrapping machines able to meet the most demanding applications. Specialists in innovative packaging designs and concepts, we combine our packaging machines with custom automatic feed systems to create complete system lines and turn-key projects.

The combination of high-quality equipment with creative packaging solutions, gives a beautiful and luxurious look to our customer’s product, which provides distinctive character compared to other designs.

In co-operation with Selo, Omori has set up a company in the Netherlands, Omori Europe B.V. With a dedicated team, Omori Europe will support customers in Europe and will grow as production increases. This new facility complements Omori’s other facilities in Japan, USA, India and Thailand and will establish additional manufacturing, engineering, customer support and parts inventory.

Omori Europe B.V will concentrate on manufacturing, sales and technical support of state-of-the art packaging machinery meeting European standards, with innovative pack designs and new packaging.


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Hersteller von eine breite Palette State-of –the-Art Stretch und Flowwrappers (HFFS) für verschiedene, kreative und innovative Verpackungen.

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