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  • Deutschland

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Über uns

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In the beginning of 2004 the “OBERHESSISCHE KLAVIATURENBAU GmbH“ was founded. In June 2009 we changed the name into "OTTO HEUSS KLAVIATUREN". As a young company we have made use of all opportunities available to us to apply the latest technology to make our design and manufacturing state-of-the-art in order to introduce new ideas to the design and manufacture of high-quality keyboards.

As a subsidiary of “OTTO HEUSS GmbH“ we supply organ keyboards directly to our parent company and to the international organ building industry and this way have been able to rapidly establish ourselves in the grand-piano and piano markets. 

Our services are increasingly in demand through the piano industry because of our high quality and reliable just-in-time delivery. We are very happy about that.


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All we do in our company is focused on the design and manufacture of keyboards. As builders of keyboards we know only too well that the keyboard itself has a marked influence on the look and the “face“ of your instrument. It is, in a manner of speaking, the connecting point between the artist and the instrument. It is the keyboard where the communication between the musician and the instrument takes place and finds expression.

We consider the manufacture of high-quality keyboards for grand pianos, pianos, organs,and cembalos that are in tune with and fulfil these requirements to be our true task for which we do our very best.


Otto Heuss Klaviaturen GmbH Amtsgerichtsstr. 12 35423 Lich Deutschland +49 6404/91690

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