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Über StoryTiles StoryTiles kreiert Kunst auf Fliesen und Holz. Jeder Entwurf enthält lustige Details, in denen  Classic die Moderne trifft. Die Entwürfen erzählen Geschichten, in denen sich jeder wieder finden kann. Alle Produkte von StoryTiles werden von Marga van Oers persönlich designed und in den Niederlanden hergestellt. StoryTiles wurde 2013 durch eine Crowdfundingcampagne  gegründed und wird in 20 unterschiedlichen Ländern verkauft.


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Ceramic tiles have been made in and around Delft, The Netherlands, since the 16th century. StoryTiles continues the tradition by creating miniature art-on-tiles. All tiles are baked in traditional Dutch ovens at a high temperature. Each design is unique, as it is hand baked and designed.

The delicate art pieces come in very cool cardboard packaging, with a nifty hanging system. Almost all StoryTiles are available in three sizes:

Small 10x10 cm, Medium 13x13 cm & Large Tile 20x20 cm


StoryWood are the designs of StoryTiles artisanally crafted on wood. Each unique design is pressed on sustainable birch wood. The original wooden structure is clearly visible through the design.

All StoryWood come with an integrated hanging system, which allows you to hang the StoryWood flat on the wall. The wooden art pieces are available in different sizes.

Company Gifts

We can create your own custom (company) piece of art to impress your partners! A unique limited design as promotional gift, end-of-year present or give-away, anything is possible.

Our designers are happy to help with a customized art piece combined with sticker, box and card. Please contact us for more info on minimum quantities, prices and lead times. We would love to tell you all about the possibilities.

Interior projects

Create a custom interior with StoryTiles. With our modern ceramic techniques all concepts are possible, tiles can be baked in all colours and with all effects. The tiles can be baked as one-offs, limited editions or divided into multiple tiles.

We offer bespoke designs for all possible spaces: homes, offices, restaurants, hotels and bars. The tiles are UV, heat and water resistant, and the unique designs will last a lifetime.  

Museum Collection

StoryTiles is the perfect museum gift beceause of its srtyle, size and price. We have special collaborations with renowned museums like the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum in the Netherlands. A combination of classic elements with a modern twist is the StoryTiles tardemark. Marga van Oers combines art with art by bringing paintings to life with her new designs on tile & wood.

The designs give the visitors the opportunity to bring elements of the museum into their own home. We are always looking for new museum collaborations, so please contact us if you are interested in a StoryTiles museum collections.

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