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The BIALON Powerline Interface (PLI) BIALON PLI-USB / RS-232 is used for the serial connection of LON Powerline controllers with a 3-phase AC mains with a rated voltage of up to 400Vac.

The internal Neuron chip / controller uses the "serial MIP" (sMIP) from ECHELON as communication software and is thus compatible with devices and controller solutions on which the LONTALK protocol is used.

Stack is implemented. The transmission speed of the serial interfaces (USB / RS-232) is 115 Kbit / s. If no USB cable is connected to the device, then the RS-232

Interface active. Plugging in a USB cable with VBus = + 5V switches to the USB2.0 interface and simultaneously disables the RS-232.

In addition to the 3-phase coupler, the device has an internal 3-phase power supply, which still works when only one phase is available. In pure AC operation (phase and neutral), each of the 3 phases can be used.


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  • 3-phase LON powerline interface with USB or RS-232 interface
  • LON powerline interface according to CENELEC 50065 A or B / C band
  • 3-phase coupling of the powerline signal
  • Build in 3-phase power supply
  • Single or multi-phase operation possible
  • Galvanic isolation between 400Vac mains, powerline phase coupler and the two serial interfaces
  • EN 50022 for mounting on DIN profile rails

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