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Suzusan Luminaires – Lamp design, handmade in Japan

How to shine the right light on textiles with a three-dimensional surface structure? This question stood at the start of the Suzusan label. For Japanese designer Hiroyuki Murase, it was the inspiration for "Suzusan Luminaires". The collection of luminaires, unique in Europe, combines modern design with a traditional technique of Japanese textile finishing and in doing so continues a family tradition of more than a hundred years.

Fascinating surface structure

Intricately finished cloth covers with a three-dimensional surface provide "Suzusan Luminaires" their uniqueness. The machine washable fabrics are raised from their lamp bodies in wave, circular and star patterns. In contrast to this unusual effect is the straightforward design of the suspension, free-standing and desktop luminaires. Clear shapes, white fabrics, warm light. Suzusan luminaires set fascinating accents in room design and fit harmoniously into the overall image.

Refinement in accordance with Shibori

The three-dimensional surface structure of the Suzusan fabrics is the result of a the Shibori refinement technique, a centuries old, traditional craft from Japan. Shibori means to wring, to press, to twist, and is a form of reserve colouring. By tying off, unfolding, taking in and subsequently colouring, three-dimensional patterns and fluorescing colour transitions are created. They are characteristic of the laborious manual work which, for a long time, was applied exclusively to the silk and cotton clothes of kimonos.

The Murase manufacture

Hiroyuki Murase knows the craft since his childhood. In his hometown of Arimatsu in Japan, numerous techniques of the Shibori craft developed in centuries past. Almost every manufacture gave its own nuances to the technique and a custom textile design to the clothes. As did the manufacture of the Murase family, where fabrics have been refined the traditional way for more than 100 years. With virtually unchanged production processes, a piece of cloth even today passes through four, five pairs of hands, before it leaves the manufacture.

Traditions developed further

Hiroyuki Murase recognises the fascinating power of the refined fabrics of his father's manufacture from a geographic distance. He moves to Europe, studies sculpture and architecture at the Academy of the Arts, Düsseldorf (Germany), and designs his first own collection, true to the motto "Do not just keep the tradition, create it."

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