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Triolight B.V. is known worldwide as the manufacturer of the high quality, European liniLED® System. With more than 16 years experience, our company has become an important player in the LED industry. With a large network of professional partners, architects, lighting designers and planners, we offer innovative and leading (LED) lighting solutions in more than 30 countries around the world.

But what makes us different? Well, that’s simple: we continue where others stop. Our strength lies in providing high quality, innovative and custom made LED solutions. With a dynamic, flexible and goal driven team, we respond quickly and adequately to new queries and (special) demands. It is what makes us unique in the LED industry. And that’s why our customers see us as the ideal partner for their lighting projects.


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The liniLED® System is a concept which consists of high quality, flexible LED strips (IP20, IP40, IP68), stainless steel walkover and drive over lighting fixtures (IP68), LED based handrail (stainless steel, IP40/IP65) and various accessories. In other words: one stop shopping for all your projects!  

Due to the high quality, innovative technology and smart design, the liniLED® System is ideal for high end projects in various sectors, such as: maritime, architecture, infrastructure, construction, health and the entertainment industry.  

The liniLED® System contains five main groups:    


  1. liniLED® LED strips The liniLED® LED strip is a high quality, flexible LED strip. The combination of high quality and exceptional flexibility, allows for an endless range of applications. The liniLED® LED strips are available in PCB (IP20), Top (IP40/IP68), Side (IP40/IP68) and Diffuse (IP68). With the exception of the PCB LED strips, the liniLED® LED strips contain a unique co-extrusion technology.*

  2. liniLED® Lights

    The liniLED® Lights category contains two different IP68 lighting fixtures: liniLED® Lines and liniLED® Spots. As the liniLED® LED strips are fully integrated in each product, an optimal light effect can be guaranteed.*

  3. liniLED® Handrail

    The liniLED® Handrail (IP40/IP65) is a revolutionary handrail system which has the same light benefits as a LED fixture: energy efficient with an expected lifetime of more than 50,000 hours. The liniLED® Handrail is available with an outer diameter of 42.4 and 48.3 mm (incl. fully integrated liniLED® Top LED strips).*

  4. liniLED® Accessories

    The liniLED® System can be completed with several accessories, such as: mounting profiles, aluminium profiles for diffused light, stair profiles, connection materials, dimmer switches, (RGB) controllers and power supplies. The accessories are divided in four product groups: liniLED® Connect, Fix, Control and Power.

  5. liniLED® Demo To provide customers with the full liniLED® experience, the liniLED® assortment is complemented with a variety of demo material, such as: Demo Sets, Inspiration and Handrail Cases, Displays and Panels.   


*Available in three luminous intensities: Deco, Power and High Power (PSP). Colours: Ultra Warm White 2400K, Extra Warm White 2700K, Warm White 3000K, Natural White 4000K, Cold White 6500K, RGB (except Handrail), Red, Green, Blue and Amber. The High Power (PSP) LED strips are only available in white colours (2400K-6500K).


Complete LED strip assortment

New white colours 2400K-6500K The high quality, flexible liniLED® LED strip assortment is extended...

Triolight BV Hermesweg 23-25 3771 ND Barneveld Niederlande +31 342450506


liniLED® Aeris: profile vs. lighting fixture

The durable, walk over liniLED® Aeris Profile range is supplemented with new varieties. In addition...

Triolight BV Hermesweg 23-25 3771 ND Barneveld Niederlande +31 342450506


liniLED® Forta: Walk over & drive over light lines

The liniLED® Forta (IP68) is developed to create diffuse light lines. These casted light lines made...

Triolight BV Hermesweg 23-25 3771 ND Barneveld Niederlande +31 342450506

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