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HVAC or heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are often used in residential properties and in commercial buildings to provide thermal comfort and improve the air quality. The indoor environment is made more refreshing, especially in hot climates and during humid summers - residents, visitors or customers are more comfortable and staff are more productive, important for well-being and business profitability. Other considerations include patient comfort in hospitals and residential homes, or other locations where it is necessary to maintain a stable environment without fluctuations or extremes.

Modern air conditioning installations and systems are increasingly efficient and reliable, available in single stage and two stage types. Split systems typically use an outdoor heat pump with indoor ducting and wall-mounted units, usually with filters. Cooling occurs through a refrigeration cycle using dehumidification and an internal compressor, condenser and liquid refrigerant, which is circulated across an evaporator. Modern refrigerants are environmentally safer than coolants used in the past. The heat pumps can also be used in reverse to provide winter heating. Thermostats and programmable timers control the units, which can (depending on manufacturer) also be set to simply control humidity or to ‘fan mode’, only circulating air.

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