Decorative Fireplace

A decorative fireplace is an option for homes which do not have a real fireplace and/or chimney. As new homes and housing developments are built, the number of houses with a real coal fire is declining. The decorative version of traditional fireplaces is used whenever and wherever conventional fireplaces are inconvenient or not permitted by fire regulations. Using, it’s possible to identify a number of fireplace manufacturers.

The electric fireplace first started appearing in homes in the 1950’s and was able to mimic real flames and smoke, as well as producing heat, too. The immediate popularity of decorative electric fireplaces is owing to a number of factors. These models do not need a chimney to function, which also eliminates the need for routine maintenance associated with traditional chimneys and fireplaces. Furthermore, decorative electric models can be installed easily with no remodelling required. Not only are electric decorative fireplaces convenient, they are also economical and present less of a fire risk than an open fire. One of the major advantages of a decorative fireplace is that the ambience is retained without the health hazards of smoke. Current research indicates that open fireplaces and wood burning stoves can increase the severity of chronic bronchitis and acute respiratory infections, particularly amongst children and asthmatics.

The technology of fireplaces may be changing, but their charm and appeal remain essentially the same. Decorative fireplace designs range from a traditional fieldstone and mantle with a hearth extending in front to minimalist containers that sit on coffee tables. Electric fireplaces have also moved outside to the patio to be enjoyed when weather permits. As decorative fireplace fashion changes in accordance with interior design, suppliers need to keep pace with manufacturers on the latest trends. provides a way for the decorative fireplace supplier and manufacture to share information.

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