In simple terms, a humidifier is a device for keeping the atmosphere in an indoor space moist. A humidifier manufacturer may offer more than one type, but they all release water, in one form or another, into the air to increase the humidity. When operated in accordance with the instructions supplied by the humidifier manufacturer, humidifiers can alleviate a variety of conditions brought on by cold, dry air.

Any humidifier described by the humidifier manufacturer or humidifier supplier available on as steam, or warm mist, boils the water and releases steam into the air to add warmth as well as humidity. On the other hand, any humidifier described by the humidifier supplier as water, or ultrasonic, atomises water and releases and fine, cool mist of liquid water droplets.

According to ear, nose and throat specialists, keeping the nasal passages, sinuses and throat moist and lubricated can alleviate, or prevent, several unpleasant conditions including asthma, congestion, nosebleeds and even snoring. The use of a humidifier overnight can also reduce dehydration and increase suppleness of the skin on the face and hands.

When comparing the offerings from one wholesale humidifier supplier with another, important specifications include the tank size, or capacity, the output and the recommended room size. Fairly obviously, the larger the capacity of a humidifier the less often it needs to be filled with water. The recommended room size is usually just that and offers no guarantee that the humidifier can raise the relative humidity of such a room to any prescribed level. Humidifier output, typically measured in gallons per day, provides a useful comparison between one humidifier and another. Further information is available from wholesale humidifier suppliers on

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