Building Management & Security

The building management and security sector includes many aspects of both maintenance and safe guarding. Building management tends to be split up into two main areas: interior management and exterior management. Often run by professionals within the field of facilities management, building management will involve regular inspections of a building to manage the ongoing maintenance regime and to conduct risk assessment based on parts of the building which are, perhaps, coming towards the end of their lives.

Essential in public buildings, such as shopping centres and offices, building management companies tend to be able to draw on a wide range of skills from internal staff and sub-contractors in order to keep a building operational at all times. Part of this inspection, consultation and repair regime will often also include elements of building security. This means inspecting the security infrastructure of a building, just like other parts of it, and will range from access control systems, locks, fire exits and closed-circuit television, in many cases. Many building management processes will relate to the internal wiring of a construction, from its electrical design to its computer cabling network. This will also often include building security wiring, too, for example, telephony monitoring, CCTV cabling and fire alarm systems; all of which are important aspects of building management & security.

New systems and approaches to building management and security are always being developed to stay one step ahead of wrongdoers. allows service and product suppliers to promote themselves while buyers can narrow these down to their specific requirements, helping all involved meet mutually beneficial agreements that will grow their businesses and see them expand into new markets.

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