Building & Facility Management

A facility management service and a building management service are two separate entities. That said, any organisation will run more smoothly and cost effectively if both services operate in tandem.

Given the increasingly advanced technology in modern building design, forward thinking designers and architects often consider ideas and proposals put forward by the facility management service provider, who will manage the completed project. A facility management service is responsible for the day to day working of the building’s occupants, while a building management service company is responsible for the day to day management of services.

Should the building be a school, college, hospital, office block, shopping centre, or other large establishment, an established facility management service company will have had previous experience managing similar operations. Their input regarding the best materials, components, decor, and occupants-requirements in the early design stages can make a big difference to the efficient operation of the finished building.

When the building is in operation, facility management will be responsible for health and safety of personnel, cleaning, fire and security systems, maintenance and system testing, as well as space allocation, contract tendering and continuity planning. A building management service team deals with heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), plus other services such as lighting, plumbing, various engineering systems, security and fire systems, electrics, access control, lifts, PA systems, and CCTV systems.

Using one of the many dedicated Building Automation System (BAS) software packages available, building management engineers can work alongside the facility management service provider, to provide a seamless merging of all necessary services. A building and facility management service company may well be responsible for overseeing as much as 70% of the organisation’s power consumption. Effective use of a properly established BAS system can help reduce unproductive power use and maximise cost effective productivity.

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