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Building materials suppliers stock an incredibly diverse array of products targeted towards construction and maintenance. Indeed, a typical wholesale operator will have thousands of products available to purchase at any one time. The wholesale market reflects the diversity of the different materials that are now in use in the construction sector. From traditional building materials, such as clay bricks and concrete, wholesale suppliers are just as likely to provide modern products made from fibers, synthetic resins and polymers, for example. Along with the materials that make the main parts of a building, such as its walls, windows and roof, the sector also encompasses many finishing products, such as surface coatings and treatments, composite materials and ceramics.

Modern materials used in buildings are highly functional, often providing weatherproofing or heat retention qualities, but they are also often specified for their form as much as their function. Architects will frequently select a construction material because of its aesthetic qualities and the way that it feels when interacted with. Many suppliers, such as those registered on, offer multiple choices when it comes to aesthetically pleasing products and keep their designs up to date in order to cater for the latest trends in the construction sector; whether they happen to be specialists with stone, glass, or some other material.

The demand of building materials can fluctuate with economic stability, especially in the private sector, such as for housing and commercial property construction. Other sectors, such as road and rail maintenance, are not so sensitive to the financial health of a country due to the necessity to keep the transport network in a good state. While contractors will most likely be purchasing building materials, the end customer in this example will be the government, which could be local, regional or national, depending on the project.

Allowing suppliers of construction products to reach very wide audiences and to penetrate into new markets, is a service which allows professionals to source suppliers and manufacturers.

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