Geotextiles & Civil Engineering Fundamentals

A geotextiles manufacturer provides materials that are integral to modern civil engineering fundamentals. The materials themselves are usually out of sight, but the results of their use allow us to create many of the structures that are so vital to modern civilisation. These range from the buildings for living and working to transportation networks, as well as the construction projects that supply power and water. Civil engineering deals with a wide variety of projects so the discipline is broken down into a number of specialisms, one of which is geotechnical engineering.

This deals with the engineering properties of earth and rocks and the interaction of structures with the geology under and around them to ensure that foundations are stable and durable. It involves the evaluation of the underlying bedrock and soil conditions on a prospective construction site and, with the aid of the geotextiles manufacturer - with many such companies available on - the design and creation of earthworks and foundations. These not only support the structures but can also address hazards such as flooding, earthquakes, erosion and soil liquefaction.

A search, on, of the materials produced by the geotextiles manufacturer will show that these may be woven, chemically bonded or needlepunched, depending on the characteristics that are required. Used in the construction of roads and railways it prevents the intermingling of differing soil types to ensure stability and longevity. For dams, coastal defences or waterways where water flow is a factor, the geotextile can provide a drainage or filtration system to prevent erosion while also reinforcing steep embankments. Civil engineering fundamentals include the creation of ground works and it operates in partnership with the geotextiles industry.

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