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Construction equipment refers to the products used to build or create something. Whether buyers are looking for materials to construct with or safety equipment to wear, is a place to connect with a variety of high quality suppliers and manufacturers, making working on a building site that much safer and easier.

The Workwear section is a particularly important equipment sub-category for construction companies to source products from, providing comfort and protection for employees while projecting a professional image. In regards to safety equipment, there is a range of manufacturers and suppliers offering solutions for maintaining health and safety, with products such as hard hats and gloves featured. Other pieces of protective gear includes eye-protection, such as goggles, utility belts and masks for working in hazardous environments.

Of course, construction equipment also encompasses the tools required for such projects. A pneumatic drill is required to break up hard materials, such as concrete or asphalt, while cutting tools can be utilised in all manner of roles. Cables and wires are required to be laid during early stages of construction, ensuring that a structure gets the necessary electrical and telephone lines.

A construction project might take place close to or adjacent to where the public walk or drive by, so it's necessary to use barriers or warning signs to protect the public and employees. Construction equipment is needed in all areas of building work, and this is reflected in the variety of products available to buy from the many different companies in this category. For suppliers and buyers, it is important to build up contacts in a competitive business world and establishing long-term partnerships to increase growth and expand into a wide variety of markets.

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Anti-cutting and Flame Retardant Protector for Neck and Head This product, co...



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The „Claw Cover“family C2 –C6 are High-Performance Synthetic Fiber and Steel blend...


Alsico High Tech NV

Alsico High Tech is a global supplier of reusable garments for cleanrooms, clean...

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