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Cables are lengths of rope-like metal, usually formed of several strands twisted together, to create a flexible but strong connector. The twisting gives the cable additional strength, not unlike the construction of rope, while also making it stiff. This is important in automotive construction, as the cables that mechanically connect parts of a car must be tough and stay in place, not sagging dangerously around other components. Wires may refer to electronic wires that carry signals or electric charges to various electrical components. Buyers looking for wholesale cables will find cables manufacturers and wires manufacturers at with various automotive and industrial stock. A broad range of cables and wires are produced for varying tasks, each requiring different lengths, tensile strength and connectors.

The cables used in vehicles are known as control cables. Variations can number into the thousands, especially when factoring in the variety of different makes and models of cars. Most cables manufacturers can offer brake cables, bonnet or hood cables, clutch cables, Accelerator cables, gearshift cables, choke cables and speedometer cables. Each one of these has different ending attachments to connect to the required component. Brake cables, for example, connect a car’s handbrake to the wheels. Conversely, a speedometer cable is designed to be flexible and mobile. Ignition cables are made to carry the spark or charge which ignites fuel to start the engine.

Construction work requires cables and wires that can perform tasks from electrical wiring to safety harnessing. Wires manufacturers produce the means to connect electronics, such as generators and lights. Wholesale cables are essential to construction and sell well along with other essentials like scaffolding and safety equipment.

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