Warning Signs

Warning signs advise of potential dangers and risks to the public and employees. Used in a construction site area, signs can be placed at the entranceways, on hoardings and at strategic points throughout the site to warn of safety hazards. Identifying unavoidably dangerous zones in this way is often required by law, with legislation stipulating the exact requirements. For suppliers of the appropriate warning signs, businesses can use productpilot.com to ensure their supply needs are met.

A warning sign can be used to delineate public rights of way from prohibited or dangerous areas where unauthorised visitors should not enter. Heavy construction equipment will usually require a warning sign detailing any specialist tools, training or safety equipment required. Advice about the mandatory use of protective workwear such as safety helmets or goggles can be displayed, especially with dangerous construction equipment. Scaffolding at construction sites should have controlled access, with unauthorised use prohibited. If rubbish safety chutes are used while work is in progress, appropriate warning signs should be displayed requiring their use.

When concealed cables and wires have been installed below plaster, care should be taken to avoid drilling or hammering through these electrical conductors. In addition to using warning signs, equipment for earthing and short-circuiting can be used to enhance safety.

As well as building sites, areas near power generators, on farms, in garages and near any machinery or area of high traffic will require warning signs. Typical uses are near high voltage cabinets, compressed air and inflammable liquids. An increased awareness of possible hazards helps to foster safe working practices, as well as complying with legislation. Productpilot.com is ideal for warning sign suppliers to promote their range of hazard warning signs for building work and construction site usage.

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