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The term architectural design is usually employed to describe the process whereby the original architect/designer fuses the components of a structure to make a coherent statement, blending the form, function and structure of the elements to fulfil the brief in a satisfactory, but also pleasing, fashion. Often, this work is undertaken by an architect alone, or sometimes in collaboration with a designer. This design activity takes place in a multitude of locations, public spaces, important cultural and social centres, and municipal buildings being some common examples. In addition to exterior structural design, architectural design products and services also play an important role in interior design. In both scenarios, the interplay between modern materials such geotextiles, technical fibers, steel, ceramics and an array of subtle lighting schemes usually plays an important role in the final effect. Interior design experts shaping artistic interiors can achieve some particularly stunning effects via the use of ambient lighting, mini-floodlights, and spotlights in conjunction with programmable lighting controllers.

Companies seeking to develop and expand their business, either on the supply or demand side, will find mutually beneficial partnerships on The end-consumer of architecture design and designer products are found both in the public and private sector. Museums and historical sites, such as castles, houses of worship and ruins, generate a part of the total demand, while wealthy individuals with sizable dwellings and estates will also have a need for these products and solutions. It is frequently the use of these products that set sites apart from others. A location that incorporates designer products will demonstrate a level of sophistication and professionalism, attracting more attention, such as from tourists which many sites rely upon for business.

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