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Increasingly, building automation manufacturers are finding previously untapped areas to install new forms of building automation, both commercially and in the home. Commercial building automation is nothing new. Automatic doors, door entry systems, automatic sprinkler systems, electrical power control and lighting systems have been around for many years and, certainly, are fundamental aspects of any legally safe working environment. These commercial building automation systems all help to monitor and reduce both the cost of energy use, and the carbon footprint of manufacturers and suppliers in the commercial and industrial sectors. The increasing use of automation in the manufacturing areas of commercial and industrial processes has seen a large improvement in quality control, greater output, a reduction in manufacturing costs, and improvements in buildings and facilities management.

With advances in technology, the demand for house automation is equally increasing. Heating systems, air-conditioning systems, security systems, automatic operation of lighting, window blinds, and curtains functioning on an automated basis is already very much a reality. Not only for personal safety in the home, consumers are increasingly aware of their own carbon footprint. The possibility of owning automatically regulated heating systems etc. is a viable option for consumers and benefits the environment as well as the own economy. An exciting industry to be involved in, these in-house automations are also closely linked to personal device technology, such as smartphone and tablet technology.’s dedicated sub-categories, such as Electrical Distribution, will give companies a clear overview of the available contacts within these niches.

Keeping in mind how much money, time and technology is being invested into building and house automation, companies that manufactures automated products will find’s list of contacts to be beneficial. allows designers, manufacturers and suppliers across a whole range of associated industries the opportunity to enjoy close contact and technical cooperation.

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