Radio Technology & Control Technology

As building automation becomes increasingly commonplace in dwellings as well as public spaces and offices, so the use of radio technology to control things around the home has developed. Once only used for actions such as opening driveway gates or getting the garage door to open with the use of a remote control device, such technology has been developed and is currently being used in all sorts of novel ways. For example, radio communications can be applied with energy recording and billing systems. Suppliers of these operating systems can be sourced via the business platform Energy meters can transmit usage to a visual display somewhere convenient in the home to allow consumers to see what they are using in real time. Not only does this sort of control engineering allow consumers to reduce their energy usage more easily, but it means that information can be transmitted to the supplier as well, thus ensuring better billing.

Designers of control engineering systems are always looking for new ways in which they can apply radio technology in the home. Another use of the technology is with garden systems. For example, these control systems can be used to control the movement of awnings over seating areas or to manipulate exterior lighting in a simple way from a central base unit. Radio communications can even be put to use to automate the way in which water features, such as fountains, operate in a garden. Indoors, control engineering can handle the movement of blinds and shutters, if wanted, in a way that is automated by the movement of the sun or by the temperature of a room, as preferred. With so many developments in this area of domestic technology, traders can use to keep fully up to date with their key suppliers.

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