Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration engineering

Ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration are often referred to as HVACR (this abbreviation also includes heating) and use mechanical engineering principles to cool and circulate air, by transferring heat.

Air conditioning provides humidity control in an interior environment, a particularly important consideration in industrial premises and large office buildings - especially those with sealed windows. Additionally, certain storage facilities also require controlled conditions, including valuable document archives and pharmaceutical warehousing. Accommodation for hospital patients, animal housing and aquaria are subject to regulations governing humidity, temperature and changes of air. Maintenance experts and product providers can be sourced at, with solutions available for any business requirements.

Ventilation involves replacing stale air to improve its quality. Depending on the location, exterior conditions and temperature, filtration first removes dust, pollen, smoke and other minute particles before dehumidification and cooling. A good ventilation system will remove unpleasant odours and humidity while also introducing fresh air, circulating it internally to avoid a stagnant environment.

Refrigeration removes heat using a system based on a condensing coil and an evaporator, with a compressor to circulate the coolant liquid around the circuit. Cooler and cold environments are necessary for perishable food storage, hospital, veterinary and mortuaries.

Recent engineering advances and the latest HVACR technology mean that air conditioning supplier specialists now offer systems with improved energy efficiency, highly effective cooling and reduced energy consumption. In residential installations, some systems have the option to function in reverse, for heating purposes. Companies and organisations looking for advice from an air conditioning manufacturer will find the right contact(s) with ease using listings, which also include ventilation supplier and refrigeration engineering specialists.

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