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The range of tools and machines required to operate an efficient and successful garage are far more extensive than the equipment owned and used by a keen DIY motorist. Even a small local garage will require a vehicle hoist, trolley jack, welding gear, body-repair facilities, a fire extinguisher and safety gear, as well as many other items. A primary requirement which new garage owners must never overlook is that, unlike the tools used in most domestic environments, commercial garage tools – even the most humble spanner – must be durable enough for sustained use on a daily basis. This inevitably means that the quality, performance and reliability of all garage machines and equipment has to be a paramount consideration.

Manufacturers of garage equipment, as well as the independent producer and the wholesale trader, understand these realities only too well. In addition to these considerations, the advent of new automotive technologies has meant manufacturers altering and expanding their equipment range to accommodate such changes without compromising on the high-calibre output of equipment the industry continues to expect.

Of course, garages that cater to larger vehicles, such as heavy goods vehicles or even military vehicles, will require specialist equipment, which can be some recognizable tools in extra-large form. With many such garages having remote locations, or the structures being particularly large, garage heaters may be required. In addition, to gain access to the top of large vehicles, steps and ladders become a necessity.

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