Drills are an essential part of construction, be it industrial or in the home. Based on the principle of rotating a cutting edge at high speed in order to bore a hole, drills are an ancient tool which has been developed over many centuries. With an electric motor and specialist drill bits, these power tools are used in a wide variety of household tasks to save huge amounts of time and effort.

There is a wide range of power tools available for home use, coming in various shapes and sizes. Drills are an easy product to market to DIY aficionados due to their clear benefits; a power drill can bore a hole in less than a minute, while a hand powered drill might take ten minutes or more and require a lot of effort. The power statistics of drills make for clear, understandable selling points and they often have additional drill bits for increased appeal. Those seeking a wholesale drill solution will always find a drill manufacturer or drill supplier at productpilot.com.

A drill manufacturer will often produce power drills with rechargeable power units. These are essential when making a drill more user-friendly, disposing of the cord which can get in the way and even be dangerous. Buyers will find wholesale drill options with extra selling points like heavy duty cases, which protect tools from harm, or a range of drill bits. Drill bits vary in size and design, depending on the task at hand. Most are steel, though harder metals are used for special tasks. Drills often sell alongside other DIY tools like hammers, screwdrivers and saws, making a complete set for any given construction undertaking.

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