Grinders are tools used to perform abrasive cutting or cleaning of materials, usually metal. They are handheld and fitted with a disc to suit the job at hand. Grinder manufacturers will offer a number of discs to suit different jobs, but as the grinders and discs will typically adhere to various design standards, it is not necessary to purchase discs from the same grinder manufacturers as the grinder itself, with available to locate necessary suppliers. Any grinder trader should also supply replacement discs. A large enough grinder trader will also be able to supply wholesale grinders, too.

Grinders can perform such tasks as cutting, cleaning, and polishing, depending on the disc they are fitted with. The disc is seated onto the grinder and fastened in place by holding down a locking mechanism to prevent the disc turning and then tightening the locking nut using a pin spanner. When in use, the grinder spins the disc at high speeds. Cutting discs and grinding discs are essentially the same disc, the main difference being that the grinding discs are much thicker. While a cutting disc is held perpendicular to the surface being worked, cutting a fine line with every rotation, a grinding disc is typically held at an angle and dragged, skimming the surface of the material rather than cutting directly into it. Abrasive discs, which consist of a series of abrasive flaps, can be used to polish a surface without removing too much material.

The market for wholesale grinders is a healthy one; metalworking is a tough job, and even the highest quality grinders have a limited lifespan when used constantly. There are many accessories, consumables (such as the discs themselves), and spare parts to consider, suppliers of which can be sourced at

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Stanz- und Drahtbiegeteile / stamping and bending parts

Schnöring’s stamped bent parts for industrial applications stand for absolute reliability...


Abrasivi Tecno e Utensili di Romano - Favalli e C. s.n.c.

The company Abrasivi Tecno e Utensili S.n.c. was founded in 1997 as a manufacturer...


Valve seats grinders

Series PEG is dedicated for any valve seats of any type of engines. PEG8, PEG10, PEG90...


Airboss Air Tools Co., Ltd.

AirBoss pneumatic tools are available to meet the needs of different customer groups...


AZ s.p.a.

AZ is a company founded in 1976 which produces one of the most complete line of engine...



Comec, a leading manufacturer of machine tools for car repair shops, started out...


Kovax Europe B.V.

Kovax is a producer and supplier of innovative and time saving quality abrasives...



WE ARE MAD. And we are there for you, who can‘t settle for the standard. Who...


Migatronic A/S

We develop intelligent technology for manual welding and automated solutions for ambitious...


Rossi & Kramer s.r.l.

The trade mark of PEG was created in 1968 and is well-known among mechanical engineering...


Schnöring GmbH

As highly experienced manufacturer of springs and stamped and bent parts as well...

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