Presses are real work horses of the tools & machinery industry. As the name suggests, a press's job is to "press" things. While this can simply mean crushing or squashing a work piece, the press will often have tooling on it in order to form the work piece into a specific shape, or stamp it. There are many different kinds of machine likely to be found in the product catalogue of a typical press manufacturer, however, certain features are all but standardised due to industrial health & safety regulations, efficiency of design, and other factors. For example, though older presses were largely unguarded, it is now common for a press to not only have a guard, but also for the press to be inoperable while the guard is not in place. Suppliers of this essential industry equipment can be sourced from

Industrial trader press machines can be customised to suit specific needs - for example if a company is primarily using work pieces too large for a standard press bed - however the standard industrial trader press machines are adequate for a lot of jobs. Presses can be powered in different ways. Typically they are hydraulic, pneumatic, or mechanical. A press manufacturer may deal in different types of press, but often they stick with one form or another, specialising in that type.

Press suppliers will often be a separate entity from the press manufacturer, either a different department in the same company or an entirely different company altogether. The supplier will usually deal with direct sales to consumers. The demands of tools & machinery, not to mention the capabilities of the machines themselves, are constantly changing. allows buyers and sellers access to all the latest developments and information from this sector of the market.

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