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In the motorised world in which many live in the West, those who can drive a car own a car, or at least in many cases. In the developing countries of Africa, India, and those in Asia, more people than ever are beginning to enjoy the status symbol of car ownership. And with car and truck ownership comes the need for accessories.

Accessories which make one vehicle slightly different to another; accessories which stick on the body, or hang from the interior; practical accessories such as roof or boot racks, customised exhaust systems, or tow hooks and trailers: for those who operate with wholesale vehicle accessories, the list of items is endless. The portal allows businesses to meet manufacturers, other wholesalers as well as service prodivders in an effort to achieve mutually beneficial business partnerships.

Modern vehicles today often seem to be more cables and computers than engine and oil. Onboard engine management systems for all makes and models of cars, trucks, and motorcycles have to be manufactured. Suppliers to garage and break-down businesses, from cars to heavy truck manufacturers - all have to stock an infinite range of cable products to cope with increasing amounts of electrical failure. With the right business connections, found on in its Cables, Wires & Indicators sub-category, streamlining supply and delivery to modern standards is possible.

Diagnostic systems used by tuning service and maintenance engineers require cables and differing connections to connect to the myriad of different manufacturers vehicles they deal with in a week. Whether cables for engine management systems, or electrical cable to rewire a set of hazard lights or a central locking system, the contacts for these products can be sourced on productpilot's B2B platform.

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140A Off-Road System

The only 12V dual-battery energy management system you'll ever need CTEK’s 140A...


ABRO Industries, Inc.

For over 75 years the ABRO name has meant quality around the world. ABRO Industries...



ROOF BOX Made of high quality ABS with UV ray protection Box for those who...


Accor Lubrifiants S.A.S

Since 1983, ACCOR Lubrifiants has been specialised in the manufacturing of lubricants...


Arctic-Is ice scraper

Waterproof, durable glove with extra-warm and soft inner lining. Reflective band...


Act Quality Industrial Co., Ltd.

ACT was founded in 1996 in Taiwan, first marketed from Singapore, then Southeast...



GRINGO:  NO NEED TO CHANGE IT, JUST TRANSFORM IT! Rear- bike- ski- and snowboard...



Adeco doo is a company engaged in production of engine and industrial oils and special...

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