Couplings are components used in the automotive and infrastructure industries to connect together two shafts. The primary purpose of couplings is the transmission of power from one shaft to the next, but they can serve a number of secondary purposes also. A coupling can allow more leniency in the alignment of two shafts, provide protection against overloads, or help to dampen vibrations. A coupling manufacturer will produce items that can be rigid or flexible; a rigid coupling will transmit more power, but necessitates shafts that are perfectly aligned. Flexible couplings transmit less power, but allow for less precise alignment and can also provide dampening characteristics. Some couplings are designed to disengage at high loads, to act as a safety cut-off ensuring that the system is not overloaded. Buyers and traders seeking a quality coupling manufacturer or coupling supplier should visit

Couplings are functional parts of motor vehicles, working alongside other components such as axles, drive shafts and piston systems to ensure that the power generated by the engine is transmitted through the vehicle. They are key components in the automotive industry; there is not a car on the road that will not make use of couplings of some kind. A quality coupling supplier or coupling manufacturer knows that their products are items that will always be in constant demand.

Couplings are essential components in the automotive industry. Quality couplings can increase the longevity and performance of vehicles and are, therefore, desirable items as well as being essential to the operation of the vehicle. Any buyer looking for manufacturers and suppliers of high quality couplings can find what they need by visiting

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