Exhaust Pipes

An exhaust pipe supplier provides an essential component, responsible for any combustion engine's functionality. Pipes are fitted to the engines of all petrol and diesel vehicles. Although the wholesale exhaust pipe market for new and retro-fitted products is dominated by the car owning market, the commercial vehicle and motorcycle sectors are both extensive. This is because exhaust systems, and the pipes which connect the various components, are not always designed to last the life cycle of the vehicle they are fitted to. Like tyres, therefore, they are components of a car that most motorists are used to having changed at some point in the lifetime of their vehicle.

The manifold is the first part of an exhaust system which collects all of the noxious gasses generated in the engine. These need to be passed away from the engine to a safe place, usually at the back of the vehicle in question. Most car designs have two or three interconnecting parts which do this, the sort of product that is made by an exhaust pipe manufacturer. A typical exhaust pipe supplier at productpilot.com will make products both for car manufacturers to fit on their production lines as well as for mechanics to retro-fit in garages.

Most cars' exhaust pipes get hot when the engine is running, so the pipes are tucked away safely beneath the vehicle. This is not always the case for motorbikes and for some custom exhaust systems. Therefore, an average exhaust pipe manufacturer will also supply pipes with thermal sprays which mean they remain safe to come into contact with even if the engine has been running for some time. Another product innovation is the use of cat-back pipes by an exhaust pipe supplier. These devices allow discharged gasses to pass through catalytic converters, which further controls toxic pollutants from escaping.

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