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Foils, emblems and signage are products designed to be applied to the exterior of vehicles. They can be used to change the colour of the vehicle, to apply patterns, branding or text to a vehicle, or simply to provide the paintwork with additional protection from the elements. Wholesale signage is used by companies to brand their vehicles by applying their company logo to their fleet. Foils can be used to apply images or patterns to a vehicle, or even to change its finish. A signage supplier will offer products that can transform the look of a vehicle into something completely different, allowing standard vehicles to display whatever text or imagery is required without the need for an expensive respray. Buyers and traders who are looking for a signage supplier or signage manufacturer can find one by visiting

Foils, emblems and signage differ from most automotive industry accessories such as exhaust pipes, trailers, air conditioning or roof racks in that they are usually intended to change the look of the vehicle. They are a cost effective way of modifying a vehicle to give it the exact finish or branding that is required.

Foils, emblems and signage can make any vehicle stand out from the crowd. Whether for applying corporate branding, giving a vehicle that special touch, or just providing protection from the elements, foils, emblems and signage are products that can make a real difference to any vehicle. Any buyer looking for a signage supplier or signage manufacturer would benefit from visiting where the ideal supplier may be waiting to be found.

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Carfix Bulgaria

Genuine Autoparts Ltd® sometimes still affectionately known by its previous name...


Chrome 3D Military skull emblem

1. ABS emblem 2. Chrome plating and painting 3. With 3M double side tape on the back...


Car Promotion Company Handels GmbH

We see ourselves as partners of car accessorie dealers. Our purpose is to offer...


Chrome Multi-skull 3D skull emblem

1. ABS 3D emblem 2. Universal application 3. With 3M double side tape on the back...


Espco Products Corp.

ESPCO PRODUCTS CORP. was established by George Liu in 1977 located in Taipei, Taiwan...


Emblem for Wheel Cover

We make best quality to meet with customer’s specification, we are capable of mold...


Genuine Autoparts Ltd.

Genuine Autoparts Ltd®, an independent active import and export wholesale trader...


Mercedes S-class W222 2013-up chrome series

Head lamp rim Rear lamp rim Door mirror cover Door handle shells Rear reflector...



INTER-ACTIONS, is a private company located near Nantes, FRANCE. With more than...


ODE Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

ODE Auto parts co., LTD Tel : +886-4-7686088...

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