Gear Lever Knobs

In vehicles that are operated with a manual transmission, and even many with automatic transmissions, gear lever knobs are an understated yet important part of the "interface" between driver and vehicle. Gear lever knobs provide the driver with a comfortable experience when shifting gears over a straight lever. They can also act as a driving aid in cases where the knob is marked with the gear arrangement, though contacting the suppliers at can be done to confirm the specific qualities of any gear knob.

Gear lever knobs can be made in many different shapes, but usually tend to be spherical at the top. From that rounded top some may taper off in the style of an upside down tear drop, some may fade gradually down to the lever itself, and some are little more than a ball. In modern cars gear lever knobs are typically designed with ergonomics in mind; making the knob as comfortable to use as possible, whereas older knobs would simply be a ball on the end of the gear lever. The knobs themselves come in a variety of materials, and can be trimmed for added aesthetic appeal and comfort. Leather, rubber, chrome, and aluminium are popular materials for this.

After market gear knobs provide vehicle owners a small and inexpensive way to personalise their vehicle; whether it's a simple knob in the style of an "8 ball", or something more elaborate, like a chrome skull. A manual transmission gear knob is typically not difficult to change, often being little more than a screw–on, screw–off affair. Automatic transmissions with lever shifters can be trickier, however, as they will often have functionality in the lever itself, such as a park release button.

Like any product related to the automotive industry, gear knobs are susceptible to the many changes and advances in vehicle technology. can help buyers and sellers with access to all the latest developments relating to this market.

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