Roof Racks & Luggage Containers

Where vehicle storage space is insufficient, roof racks and luggage containers provide useful storage options. Even in models of vehicle that have large luggage space and storage compartments in every conceivable location, there are still many good reasons to fit roof racks and luggage containers. Not simply an additional storage space, roof racks and luggage containers can store things that might not fit inside the vehicle, as well as things the driver might not want inside the vehicle. Though luggage containers are really just an extension of the vehicle's storage capacity, roof racks serve many purposes, including tool storage for working vehicles. It's not uncommon for a roof rack manufacturer or roof rack supplier at to deal with large companies that own fleets of vehicles, fitting a wholesale roof rack to each.

Roof racks as a category can cover various form factors. The typical design of a roof rack involves a "basket" design that sits on the roof of a vehicle, fastening to certain points on the vehicle that are designed specifically for that purpose. Though technically not a "rack", roof rails are often placed in the same category, and consist of two rails that run down the length of the roof. Storage containers will often bolt to these kind of rails. A roof rack manufacturer will typically have both styles available in their product line.

Roof racks are perhaps the ultimate symbol of utility on a vehicle, making use of every last storage opportunity. Whether it is for a set of ladders, a surf board, a small mountain of luggage, the products of the average roof rack manufacturer have served vehicle owners well. can help traders stay up to date with all the latest developments from this market.

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