Situational Equipment

In the automotive industry, situational equipment is a category that covers a broad range of tools, machines, and products that are ideal for specific situations in motor vehicle repair and/or maintenance. An example of this equipment could be anything from a temporary tyre sealant product designed to repair punctured tyres sufficiently enough to get the car to a repair shop, all the way up to a fully stocked service vehicle complete with a full set of tools, diagnostic equipment, and lubricants. This same set up can also apply to the maintenance portion of the automotive industry. For example, a mobile car valeting service will have a similar set up to a service vehicle, although all their tools and equipment will be for cleaning and restoring vehicles, rather than repairing them. ensures suppliers of the essential situational equipment can be easily sourced.

Situational equipment doesn't necessarily have to be portable, though it often is. A non-portable example of this kind of equipment is emissions testing apparatus, used for determining if a vehicle’s emission output is within acceptable levels. This equipment is used only in very specific situations, often when testing a vehicle to see if it meets the standards of road worthiness set out in whichever country it is.

There is also a good deal of equipment that is aimed directly at the general consumer, such as the aforementioned temporary tyre repair products. Similar products can also be found for leaking coolant systems. A more common product, however, is a basic tool kit that can be stored in the vehicle for emergencies. Indeed, such tool kits are often included with new motor vehicles as standard. New methods and technologies are constantly being developed, affecting the scope of this kind of equipment, though traders on ensure access to the latest products is possible.

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