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Since the widespread adoption of motor vehicles by the general public, there has been a desire to tweak, modify, improve, and personalise vehicles. Whether it be a subtle decal or a full body trim kit, an engine tune up or a complete power-train upgrade, the market for automotive customisation is strong. Performance systems cover a wide variety of product types, from easy-to-install minor upgrades to full engine overhauls that require real expertise. Products for these and many other vehicle adaptations can be found from the suppliers at productpilot.com.

Performance systems may come in the form of a simple software modification on a motor vehicle's control unit-typically referred to as a tuning service. With little more than a computer and a rolling road, a tuning dealer can often provide a tuning service that will make many cars feel like they've been fitted with one of the more substantial performance systems. Other examples of performance upgrades include exhaust systems that allow an increased airflow, performance air filters for the same reason, higher capacity engine components, and much more. Design upgrades can include interior or exterior trim of many kinds, but can also include products that cross over into the performance aspect, such as wheels, and ventilation covers.

Though the individual companies or traders offering tuning services are unlikely to buy equipment in large volumes, a tuning dealer like those at productpilot.com will likely purchase equipment for tuning wholesale at a discounted rate, which they can then sell on to the aforementioned individual companies at closer to market prices. Anything to do with the automotive industry needs to be watched carefully by any traders working within that industry due to the changing nature of the technologies it is based on.

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