Automotive Textiles

Referring to the range of natural and synthetic fibers and materials used for interior furnishings, component manufacture, and safety equipment in cars and vehicles, automotive textiles are vital elements in many industries. Private cars and commercial vehicles are an established feature of modern life and the quest for greater comfort, more safety, greater economy, plus the influence of styles and fashions, all serve to drive the development of new and more effective and efficient automotive textile products.

Textiles for the auto industry undergo a range of manufacturing processes. For example, both woven and unwoven products will often require dyeing and finishing to produce the sleek and sophisticated materials used in the interior of a motor vehicle. In addition, such manufacturing in turn demands specific types of automotive textile machinery designed to create high-specification materials finished to a high standard.

Modern glass fiber fabrics and similar advanced textile technologies are extensively deployed in vehicle interiors of all kinds. Seat covers, armrests, carpets, boot interiors and many more items all use a range of auto textiles. These are often manufactured with special coatings to improve desirable consumer features such as durability and stain-resistance. Furthermore, many vehicles – especially those used for carrying goods – use tarpaulins and similar covers to protect the goods they carry. Companies and businesses reliant upon service vehicles can use to source and contact suppliers of automotive textiles.

Certainly, for fleet vehicles or taxi services, uniformity is an important consideration. Companies and businesses may consider purchasing their automotive textiles on a wholesale basis to ensure all vehicles portray the same company image. Indeed, upholstery fabrics, canvas covers and mats can be used in vehicles to the same effect as cleverly fitted furnishings in the home. As such, they’re an essential element when it comes to company presentation, and business leaders know to use to source traders in these textiles.

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