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Canvas is a highly durable fabric and was originally made of hemp and used to make sails for ships. Today, the canvas cover is typically made of cotton and occasionally linen. Cotton canvas is manufactured using two basic weaving methods: plain and duck. Duck canvas has a higher thread count that results in a tighter and smoother weave. Canvas fabric is further classified numerically according to weight, with 1 being reserved for the heaviest canvas and used, for example, for sandbags. Grade 6 canvas is used for boat covers, and 12 for light clothing. Untreated canvas is naturally watertight because the fibres swell when wet, thus effectively sealing the weave. Various treatments are available to guard against mould and mildew. A canvas cover is indispensable wherever a sturdy protection is needed, such as valuable assets that are outdoors, including aeroplanes, automobiles, trucks, and boats.

The capacity to be watertight when wet, yet breathable when dry, makes canvas ideal for the marine industry as coverings for boats at land or sea, and oil rigs. Another standard use of an industrial canvas cover is for hoods on military vehicles and commercial trucks. Free-standing canvas awnings can be erected quickly and are convenient for restaurant outdoor patios, street markets, and large garden parties. Domestic canvas purposes include coverings for patio furniture, barbeques, and gazebos. Whatever the intended use, reliable suppliers of canvas can be found by navigating the database.

Canvas can be subjected to a great deal of wear and tear, but eventually metal grommets begin to rust, the dye fades, or the fabric develops a tear and the canvas cover needs to be replaced. With the existing extensive domestic and commercial use of canvas covers, replacement needs, and the new uses being created, canvas merchants and manufacturers need good communication lines to balance supply and demand.

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