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Although metal comes more readily to mind when thinking about automobile construction materials, in fact the carpet manufacturer supplies the automotive industry with textiles for the interior and exterior of vehicles. Automotive carpet manufacturers produce carpet assemblies that consist of pre-cut carpets and mats that are fitted into the vehicle before it leaves the factory. The first layer of carpeting is fitted on top of the metal floor with dimensions that are specific to the brand and model of vehicle. An addition, a mat of the same fabric is placed over the first covering and is typically affixed to the floor with a hook and eye mechanism. The final covering is a rubber mat that takes most of the wear and tear. Carpets and mats are integrated into the overall aesthetic of the interior in terms of colour, texture, and design and contribute to the overall appearance. High quality carpets and mats certainly add a touch of class to high end vehicles.

Carpet and mat aesthetics are secondary functions of textiles; their primary purpose is to protect the surface of the floor. Mats, especially, are ribbed to capture water brought into the vehicle by passengers’ footwear. The carpet manufacturer selects characteristics that relate to the durability of a carpet and mat, which include abrasion resistance, compression recovery, tensile strength, and the capacity to be treated with a flame retardant. The carpet manufacturer might also supply anti-vibration mats to reduce foot fatigue and injury to operators of heavy duty vehicles.

As hard wearing as automotive carpets and mats tend to be, the top mat eventually wears out or become too dirty to clean and needs to be replaced. Because the interior dimensions of same make of automobile varies from season to season, the wholesale carpet and wholesale mats dealer will need to provide the carpet supplier with the carpet and mat specific to recent models as well those for past years. is a good way for wholesale carpet suppliers and carpet manufacturers to be meet the industry’s supply and demand. Wholesale mats and wholesale carpet can be sold to a range of retailers that sell automotive accessories such as automobile repair shops, department stores, and automotive dealerships.

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