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The majority of car dealers work with the big motor manufacturers. Operating a car dealership for the manufacturer, or as an accredited agent, they are backed by a service industry of spares manufacturers and wholesale suppliers, garage warranty servicing and breakdown subsidiaries. A car dealer will also have an online presence, and careful IT management and marketing is essential in this business sector.

For second-hand wholesale car dealers, car auctions are one way of obtaining new stock. With auctions selling fleet vehicles for large corporate businesses, to auctions of standard everyday vehicles, to auctions of specialist forms of transport, they attract car dealers from areas hundreds of miles away.

Other car dealers may specialise in dealing collector or classic car models, for example. The sale, or conversion and sale of motor-homes, custom cars, classic cars, hot rods and cruisers, or real old vintage pieces of automotive history, require a different approach to sourcing wholesale suppliers of parts. In this specialised niche, some engineering companies manufacture parts for old vehicles where spares are no longer available. At car dealers, specialist car dealers, auction companies, specialist spare parts suppliers, and specialist engineering companies are all bought together in one area, and automatically sorted to make finding the company or supplier needed.

Specialised car dealer equipment is needed for many of these vehicles. Spanners and wrenches in the old imperial sizes are required, car jacks and axle stands, metal grinders and paint buffers to return the vehicle to showroom condition and ready for sale, when all the engine and bodywork is completed. Indeed, car dealers will require a healthy stock of cleaning and polishing materials, which can easily be bought in bulk. View lists of suppliers on

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