Car dealer equipment is a category of products within the automotive industry, and specifically the car dealer market within that industry, which caters specifically to car dealers. A car dealer is typically a merchant who sells cars directly to the consumer, as opposed to wholesale, and may be a new or used car outlet. These enterprises can find suppliers of the products they need at

Many products classified as car dealer equipment cross-over into other markets as there are many tasks a car dealer will need to carry out that are not specific to that industry. Examples of these include record-keeping, janitorial work, advertising, point-of-sale, and many more. And all the products associated with these tasks will be required by the average car dealer. Products more specific to car dealers may include particular signs for marking a vehicle (for example, with the price it is being sold for), as well as custom ledgers for keeping track of the condition of a vehicle upon receipt. As the automotive industry evolves, and as the technology driving vehicles advances, the tasks a car dealer faces will change too, meaning the equipment they require will also change.

Car dealers who specialise in new vehicles are often associated with one or more vehicle manufacturers, and will get vehicles by those manufacturers at a better rate, allowing them to offer their cars for a cheaper price and/or make a higher profit on sales. Used car dealers will often obtain their stock through auctions, private sales, and exchanges. A significant portion of the work a car dealer undertakes is that of restoring and maintaining vehicles. To that end, a great deal of car dealer equipment focuses on vehicle cleaning products. Used vehicles always need to be valeted before they are sold on, and new vehicles need to be maintained while they are on a car dealer's forecourt. can help traders in this market with access to suppliers of all the relevant and latest equipment and information.

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