Car Wash Facilities

Car wash facilities are provided at many service stations and garages, but their mode of operation varies greatly. In some locations, notably car parks, it is possible to receive hand car washing services. In some garages and drive-in facilities, an automated car wash facility is installed to provide a quick service that operates on a while-you-wait basis. Most automated car wash facilities are manufactured by specialists and wholesalers tend to stock replacement parts and consumables under these specific brands. Wholesalers and suppliers for car wash products and services are available on Along with mechanical parts, like hydraulics, conveyor bearings and hose clamps, which can all wear out at the end of their life cycle, there are a number of items which simply run out and need to be replaced. These include things such as specialist detergents, fine-bristled brushes and water treatment consumables. In most cases, car wash facilities use water softeners – a typical consumable - in order to give the wash the best finish possible.

Along with removing dirt that builds up over many miles on the road, car wash facilities frequently include automated drying services. These usually means that large air blowers are passed around the car, as close to the bodywork as possible, in order to dry away any excess water that remains after the final rinse. In such cases, wholesalers will often also stock air supply components ready to be replaced, if needed. It is not unusual for car washes to work on a ticket basis, with a code that allows users to operate the facilities. However, coin operated systems – and ones which can accept card payments – are also in operation. Along with the ability to clean cars, some are large enough to wash down commercial vehicles, including vans and small lorries. New developments offering better cleaning facilities are always being made, in many cases requiring less and less maintenance by operatives.

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