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Car cleaning and polishing is important to ensure vehicles always look their best. Many owners take pride in cleaning their vehicle, though for company owners with a fleet of cars or vans, contacting professional cleaning services is a viable option. Those running a valet service or car cleaning agency do well to ensure they have healthy stocks of polishing agents and other cleaning supplies. Such businesses may buy vehicle polish wholesale from a polish trader or polish supplier, such as is available via

Cleaning agents such as vehicle polish can come in many flavours for different purposes. Interior trim polish, alloy wheel polish, and, of course, general car polish for the paintwork, are all products that can be found on the catalogue of any good polish manufacturer. The make–up of a vehicle cleaning agent is often tailored for the purpose it is intended for, and can sometimes even be harmful to use in the wrong place. For example, rubbing compounds that are designed for removing light scratches and scuff marks in vehicle paintwork can damage interior trim. Similarly, anything intended to clean paintwork should not be used on upholstery.

A typical cleaning agent manufacturer won't just sell polish wholesale; they'll often also deal in a number of other related products, such as car wax, window cleaner, and alloy wheel cleaner. The surfaces in vehicles are subtly different from those around the home, so it is important to use the appropriate products when cleaning so as not risk damaging them. The market for selling polish wholesale is a large one, can help traders by allowing access to all the latest information and developments from traders in this sector.

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