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Made up of a number of differing individual cleaning tools, cleaning sets are ideal for jobs where more than one item of equipment is needed. Unlike one-off cleaning tools, like vacuum cleaners, a set will often contain a tool as well as a cleaning product. For example, a cleaning set that is designed for maintaining audio CDs, DVDs or glasses will often contain a lint cloth and a cleaning fluid which are applied together to keep the product free from dirt. Specialist car cleaning sets will sometimes include detergent and a hand held sponge or cleaning mitten, but also include after care cleaning products, such as finishing leathers and wax which are designed to be used in combination in order to bring the bodywork up to a professional standard.

As with the suppliers and manufacturers on, for most cleaning set manufacturers, determining which products are included in a set depends on the ultimate purpose that the set has been designed for. This includes simple two piece sets like ash pan and brushes, which are used for cleaning hearths and kitchen floors, for example. But it could also equally apply to set with a dozen, or more, components, such as PC cleaning kits which often include things like, mini vacuum cleaners, brushes of various sizes, sanitising wipes, screen cleaning sprays and more.

Although the number of cleaning sets that are on the market today has grown, product developers are always seeking new ways to present sets as things that are newly designed for specific purposes. Even long-standing sets like, shoe cleaning kits, are re-invented for modern customers, perhaps branded for specific boots or types of leather. Producers of all sorts of well-established and new sets can be found at

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