Air Regulation & Filters

Air filter manufacturers go hand-in-hand with the air quality control industry and provide wholesale air filters to wherever air quality is important, for instance, homes, vehicles, and commercial buildings. The simplest air cleaners are particulate filters that are inserted into vacuum cleaners or attached to a home central heating unit. Air is forced through a fibrous material that captures particles on flooring or in the air, such as mould, dust, pollen, and microscopic pathogens, and prevents the undesirable material from circulating in the home. In addition to domestic purposes, air quality is also vital to keep engines running at optimal performance and to protect the machinery from undue wear caused by dirt and grime.

The most cost-effective air filters for home and vehicle use are constructed of pleated paper. As long as paper filters are replaced regularly they do not impede the efficiency of the engine. Oil-wetted foam or cotton air filters are more effective for small engines that encounter large amounts of dust or dirt, such as off road vehicles and farm machinery. Wholesale air filters are also purchased by organizations and businesses that need to keep their members safe from air borne contaminants. This protective respiratory device is used in areas as diverse as the military to employees involved in home renovation work. Air filter manufacturers classify filters according to the size of particle they are capable of removing from the air and go as small as less than 0.3 of a micrometre in diameter.

The air filter industry is constantly changing as governments create new standards for air quality control and innovative designs become available. Air filter manufacturers of more complex filters, such as those used for gas turbines, have benefited from recent advances in fluid-dynamics and aerodynamics. provides the means for the air filter supplier and manufacturer to keep abreast of the changing standards and the latest innovations in the field.

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