Much like tuned parts, injection systems and engine speed sensors, alternators are an essential component for any car manufacturer. They are also used extensively in other areas of industry, such as for generating electrical energy for mains supply. For car manufacturers, however, an alternator basically converts the energy of a moving engine and converts it to electrical charge from which all of the electrical services of a vehicle run. A typical alternator manufacturer at will design products which are not designed to run services directly, but to charge a specific type of battery. The wholesale market in these products is large because alternators and batteries frequently need to be replaced during the life cycle of most cars, meaning they are not just fitted to new vehicles. For many an alternator manufacturer, designing a product which can work in a range of car models is the key to commercial success. Specialist manufacturers will often want to act as a supplier to more than one car maker, if possible.

Along with the lucrative car making industry, a common job for an alternator manufacturer is to design products which can be used in wet conditions. This often means an alternator that is not just capable of working in water, but in marine settings, perhaps on board yachts and other ocean going vessels. Corrosion resistance and the ability to avoid explosions are both important parts of product design for marine alternators. With such devices, a supplier will often design systems on a bespoke basis, sometimes for conventional batteries arrays and sometimes for split-charge diodes which operate as battery isolators. The latest technologies with automotive and marine alternators can all be found at

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