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A by-product of the oil industry, liquefied petroleum gas has for many years been used for cooking, heating, refrigeration, and as a vehicle fuel. A mixture of butane and propane gas, when used in vehicles, it becomes known as ‘autogas’. Autogas powered vehicles remain popular, especially in the large fleet vehicle market such as coaches and heavy trucks. Although autogas is not suitable for all vehicles, the majority of petrol and diesel engines can be converted using autogas accessories to convert the engines to use both autogas and petrol or diesel. With gas being the third most popular fuel, it is estimated nearly 25 million vehicles worldwide are powered by autogas.

There are currently three main autogas systems available. By using autogas accessories available from suppliers at, these systems can be used to convert the vast majority of modern vehicles.

GI Systems: Sequential Gas Injection System is the youngest of these systems and it is claimed to be the most economical system, best suited to vehicles with electronic fuel injection and catalytic converters. Currently only available from the manufacturer, other models aren’t yet available for comparison with these particular systems.

EAS Systems: The Eurogas Advanced Systems have a self-learning ability and are the autogas systems best suited to conversion of older vehicles.

IGS Systems: Injected gas systems are another kit suited to vehicles with electronic injection systems and catalytic converters. Similar to the EAS system, it is considered more reliable when fitted to more modern vehicles.

Due to the large number of different makes and models of vehicles, a large range of autogas accessories are available to custom change parts to suit different models.

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